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Avi Pilcer performed for Shimon Peres. He plays with his heart and devotes energy and passion to his music

 VK is made from gold and silver coating. We made the VK affordable for everyone.

  • VK - The Violin Key

    Extraordinary jewel 8GB. Half golden half silver with bracelet. Delivered in VK black diamond pouch. Loaded with 100+ compositions and pop interpretations from Avi Pilcer, Free bonuses and Free tracks (includes +7.5GB free memory).

    Price: $39.00


  • Avi's music on 5 CDs

    More than 100 songs from Avi Pilcer

    Price: $58.00


  • 2 VK Violin Keys (Free shipping)

    2 VKs delivered in there VK black pouch. Shipping free.

    Price: $78.00